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A overview of Consumer.


Invacio has extended its dynamic neural network into a complex of truly intelligent environments and services for our end-users. Autonomous products and solutions for an autonomous future.


Allowing customers to have access to Jean's Spider AI to gather and analyze all the data it can find relevant to any targeted product or service.


The corollary of Invacio’s Alise, Consumer does for the customer what Alise does for companies and products.

Consumer is a free service from Invacio that allows you to enter the names of products and services and have our AI gather and analyze all the data it can find pertinent to your search.

To the intelligent consumer research and information on a product is essential and Consumer enables you to compare market reports, prices, reviews and even to compare, evaluate and rank alternatives. Additionally, due to our groundbreaking natural language comprehension and sentiment analytic technologies you will even know what is being said as it is being said, how these distributed reports compare, and what the general climate of opinion is.

As with Alise, Consumer is able to read, analyze and respond to the written and spoken word.

It analyzes the entire cloud, all comments, posts, blogs and discussions, and with historical and real time data on all companies and products, tracking news, online analysis, social media, financials, industry trends, and extending its reach through even the deep and dark webs to retrieve all data relevant to a product, you will know everything there is to be known about that product, the result of this work being returned elegantly and very clearly, via dynamic charts and reports.

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